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מגזין השיווק הבינלאומי

הבלוג מארח את דפנה רולס, מומחית Lead Genration

בתאריך 13.7 אוביל סמינר בנושא Lead Generation במכון היצוא.

אני שמח לארח בבלוג את דפנה רולס (מיסדת D Rolls Associates, חברה הממוקמת בבוסטון ומספקת שירותי Lead Generation ) אשר תשתף אותנו ב”טיפים” מנסיונה בנושא הקשה ביותר של Cold Calling. דפנה תהיה מרצה אורחת בסמינר במכון היצוא.

In today’s market place we all want to make sure that our pipe line is full with warm qualified leads. This goal can be attained through multiple avenues and many approaches have been developed over the years. In this short article I’d like to share with you some tips on how to get there in the old fashioned way: “cold calling”. Find the right person in your organization or the right outsource.

Find the right person in your organization or the right outsource It is important that your inside sales person loves to be on the phone. You are looking for a person that can spend several hours a day on the phone and be very organized recording call notes and any follow ups. Someone that knows his/her way through the gate keepers. Ideally, you will find this person on your team, however, if you can’t find the right employee and you can’t simply find the time to train a new person, look into outsourcing your inside sales team. Define your target market and decide you will reach it Before you embark on your “cold calling” campaign, you must identify what is your target market and which verticals you wish to approach. Then, you will prioritize your target markets and segments and decide who to approach first. In addition, make sure that you know who the right person to meet with is or even talk to prior to a meeting. Sometimes if you aim too high you won’t get the information that you need about the organization that you are going to sell to. When it’s time to setup a meeting, make sure that you are meeting with a decision maker – the person who owns the budget and is senior enough to review a proposal. Find the right CRM program. As you develop a lead list and start reaching out to them, you will need a strong CRM program (software). Tracking any contact with the leads, capturing information about them and any follow ups, is extremely important. Choosing the right CRM system (customer relationship management tool) is one of the biggest assets that you can develop for your sales/marketing team. As you make your choice consider the following: Does it need to support operations? Financials? Do you need to have it available online for your sales team? Unfortunately, since the nature of sales teams often involves high turnover, a solid CRM program and process will guarantee that you won’t lose any critical information on leads. Clarify the type of meeting that you are looking for Are you looking for a personal meeting / phone meeting / WebEx meeting or a combination of them? Typically, sales people prefer an in-person sales meeting, however, we need to make sure that it is the right meeting and at a reasonable ROI (time and money cost). You need to be confident that your sales team can support your inside sales team and accommodate the meeting schedules. For long distance meetings, it is often best to pre-qualify the in-person meeting with a phone conversation. Have a step-wise plan of action regarding information distribution. What info will be provided before the meeting that will trigger interest but not give away the show? We always speak with our clients about the right amount of info that needs to be sent and at what stage should we send it. Is it after leaving a message or only after we speak with someone? For example, you don’t want to use just a link to your website as people like to feel that you have prepared something just for them – such as a customized one page teaser or an article that was recently published and would be of interest to them. Mange your sales team to achieve your goals. It is important to help your inside sales team and provide them with all of the tools to reach their goals and your goals. Make sure that you help them with time management / provide them with a detailed call script including common questions and answers (known barriers to selling). Help them with time management and be available to answer their questions. There are many tricks to this trade and these are only a few ideas that help us at D Rolls Associates with our “Leads2deal” program. Our program is helping businesses get the meeting that they are looking for with their target market without overstepping into the actual sales process. We are not involved in sales process but we make sure “to open the door “ in many industries and for companies, some that have been in business for 30 years, others that are new startup companies; and it is our pleasure to be part of their success.

Dafna Rolls Principal and Founder D Rolls Associates T: 617 340 2926 Israei number – 972-54-7777051

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